How To

 How to DocuSign

 How to Register for Portal
 How to Upload Documents to the Portal
 How to file Underused Housing Tax (UHT)
 How to Register for a UHT Account

 How to Register for a CRA My Business Account

 How to Create a Sage Bookkeeping Backup
 How to File a Trust Return
 How to Register as a Canadian Agent for Non-Resident Rental Property


 New Client Information Checklist

 Fillable Personal Tax Yearend Checklist

 Fillable Corporate Client Yearend Checklist

 Estate Return Executor Checklist

 Underused Housing Tax Act Checklist
 Trust Reporting Checklist

Government Forms

 SIN Application

 GST190 – New Housing Rebate for homes purchased from a builder

 GST191 – New Housing Rebate for owner built homes

 RC7190-BC – New Housing Rebate Schedule for homes purchased from a builder

 RC7191-BC – New Housing Rebate Schedule for owner built homes

 UHT 2900 fillable form

 GST62 – GST/HST Return Application

 RC66 – Canada Child Tax Benefit Application

 RC65 – Marital Status Change Application

 T2062 – Request for a Certificate of Comliance for Non-Resident

 T1261 – Request for Temporary Tax Number

 T2200 – Declaration of Conditions of Employment

 T777 – Statement of Employment Expenses

 T1-DD(1) – Direct Deposit Request for Individuals

 T2201 – Disability Tax Credit Application

 SC ISP-2000 – Application for Statement of Contributions Canada Pension Plan

Fee Guides

 Trust Filing Fee’s
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