Engineers are one of the most coveted professions on Earth. Modern-day civilization has looked to the various branches of engineering to help solve much of the challenges faced by our society. With the pace of change and innovation in technology, the important role held by engineers is unlikely to change any time soon. The iron ring worn by Canadian-trained engineers serves as a symbol and reminder of the obligations and ethical requirements to uphold the high standard of professional conduct shown by members of the profession for generations.

The professional demands and unique business challenges endured by Engineers makes it all the more important to align yourself with a trusted CPA to provide you with business advisory, accounting, and taxation services. Doing so will provide you with peace of mind that your business is being taken care of while you focus on managing your projects.

Engineer Accounting Services
for Long-Term Capital Projects

Engineers are typically engaged to service long-term capital intensive projects. Such projects tend to bring with them financing and cash flow issues as you maintain payroll, and manage overhead costs while awaiting your next completion disbursement. Because of this, significant care and attention must be given to appropriate budgeting, timely invoicing, and managing relationships with lenders. The stakes are high and any issues relating to billing frequency, retainers, or holdbacks will directly affect your bottom line.

At Pacific CPA Chartered Professional Accountants we have experience working with and developing trusted relationships with financial institutions all across Vancouver Island. We do this by providing, relevant, and reliable financial information on behalf of our clients on a timely basis. We work with engineers to provide accounting services that ensure the terms of a project’s financing commitments are met on time so that relationships with lenders remain strong.

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